A “Home Certified” seal will help you sell your home faster, attracting top dollar by comforting the buyers that your home is the best choice for their family – if you are purchasing a preowned home, our Certification Seal is designed to protect you

Home (s) Certified helps you sell your home by creating a process that is more transparent and eliminates a significant amount of problems that can potentially surface with many home closing transactions.

Benefits of Certification for Seller:

  1. Enhanced listing visibility
  2. Reduce time on the market
  3. Simplifies buyer financing
  4. Faster closing
  5. Hassle free transaction

Benefits of Certification for Buyer:

  1. The confidence of knowing that the proper due deligence (inspections & appraisal) has been done and disclosed
  2. Inspection discloses all known concerns
  3. Comfort of knowing price is fair market value
  4. Fast closing
  5. Hassle free transaction

Homes Certified objective is to enhance the transparency, and eliminate as many conflicts of interest as possible to protect all parties involved by simplifying and expediting the closing process of selling and buying a home.

Selling your Home Certified home or buying a Home Certified home eliminates many risks associated with the current closing process of selling or buying a home. It simplifies the overwhelming process.

The current process is designed to accomplish the same thing. However, our enhanced certification process and seal adds to the integrity of the existing closing process.