Whether you are a listing agent or a buyers agent, you will benefit by reducing the risk of losing your credibility by not having to express your opinion that might be proven wrong after the results of the inspection and appraisal are disclosed.

Most realtors have experienced situations that have created delays or killing the deals by:

  • Inspections showing serious problems that sellers did not disclose, or did not know, but do not want to resolve killing the deal
  • Appraisals that do not support the selling price resulting in the buyer not obtaining the financing they need to close the deal

Benefits to real estate listing agent:

  • Transparency is required by law and ethics and this process helps enforce, and promote those obligations
  • Helps listing agent determine current fair market value
  • Certified Homes will be listed on our website and shared on all major social media sites, enhancing the listing online visibility
  • The faster closing process, resulting in receiving commissions faster
  • Reduces or eliminates liabilities by relying on the certification process
  • Adds confidence to all parties by a thorough process and an independent third-party endorsement
  • Offering the certification will increase the marketability of the listing while improving your professionalism

Benefits to real estate buyers agent:

  • Enhance your professional image by knowing as much about the property as the home owner
  • Reduces the risk of losing a sale due to inspection report or appraisal
  • Less stressful transaction
  • Reduces the closing time-frame expediting receipt of commissions
  • Adding confidence to the transaction will result in benefiting all parties