Selling your home with the Home Certified seal will reduce your time on the market, help you receive the highest offer, and satisfy all parties involved

The steps we require for certification are the same in every transaction. The difference is the process in which they are taken.

It illustrates confidence in your property. If there are problems, they will be discovered eventually, but with our certification, the process will thoroughly exam the home and properly disclose any problems discovered along with your acceptable resolution during the listing process. This transparency at the beginning of the process, rather on the backside of the process, enhances trust, increases efficiency and stress associated with selling and buying a home.

Home certification will result in:

  • Less time on the market
  • Complete transparency adding confidence to all parties involved, most importantly, the buyers
  • Listing and receiving the fair market value of your home backed by the appraisal
  • Less haggling over problems that exist as they are disclosed as are your intentions of resolving the issues
  • Prospective buyers will have enhanced confidence purchasing your property
  • For homes with ALL INSPECTION ISSUES RESOLVED, this will help your realtor sell your home with confidence as well as help prospective buyers have confidence in the transaction
  • For homes WITH INSPECTION ISSUES, the issues will be disclosed with your intentions to resolve, regardless what they are

Transparency Illustrates Honesty – Enhancing Confidence – Creating an Efficient Transaction

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